Graca Bus Service is a Black Owned Company Established by previously disadvantaged individuals. The business was established in the year 1991 and it was registered the same year as Close Corporation. The business is trading in the Transportation industry providing cross border transportation services daily.

The business obtains guidance, services from Limpopo Business Support Agency.  At Graca Bus Service we pride ourselves on our punctual, personal service and excellent safety record. Our drivers are experienced with EC licenses (code 14) and professional driving permits all Around Africa.



  • To be amongst the acknowledged leaders and services within our continent.
  • The transport company's vision is to be a world-class Limpopo bus service


  • To provide professional services to our customers.
  • Its mission is to provide customer-friendly public bus transport within Limpopo. To do this, it has distilled its aims, as follows:
    • Innovation -Enos will continuously look for ways to grow its business and introduce cost-reducing and efficiency- enhancing methods and technologies.
    • Safety - it will ensure that its passengers are always safe and its bus operators will be the best trained in the country.
    • Reliability - it will provide a reliable, punctual service.
    • Efficiency - it will provide a cost-efficient service to ensure fares are kept as low as possible.
    • Sustainability - it will be financially viable and will produce above-industry-average profitability through efficient resource allocation and management.
    • Environmental consciousness - it will ensure that its buses do not pollute the environment.
    • Customer-focused - it will ensure that buses are clean and comfortable and that its operators are trained in customer services.


  • Supplies a daily public bus services;
  • Provides transport for people with disabilities;
  • Provides pensioner transport;
  • Provides a dedicated transport service for school learners;
  • Supplies commercial contracts to transport employees;
  • Provide buses for private hire;
  • Provides transport to and from major events;
  • Its services are constantly expanding and Enos is, among other plans.


INTEGRITY Show honesty & commitment to Enos Always give tickets Report fraud / theft / Crime

RESPECT Every customer is equally important value company property people come first Cultivate caring culture

RELIABILITY Evolve customer confidence Be on time Report accurately

PASSENGER FIRST Safety, Affordability, Quality